Mobilizing biomathematics/bioinformatics and genomics/genetics to decipher genome organization and dynamics as pathways to crop improvement


The main objective of this federative project is to provide a collaborative framework for plant geneticists and genomicists, bioinformaticians and biomathematicians to jointly elaborate and formalize strategies to address important plant genome research questions and to develop bioinformatics and biomathematics models, methods and tools.

GenomeHarvest will address three important plant genome research issues:

  • The fine characterization of the complex/mosaic genomic architecture
  • The impact of these structures on chromosome segregation and character transmission
  • The impact of these structures on the expression of alleles, genomic segments or sub-genomes and further beyond on transmission of characters.

The project will focus on a few tropical and Mediterranean crops including citrus, banana, cocoa, coffee, rice and tomato.

Beyond these species, the tools developed will be available and useful for many crop plants.

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